Professional Rubber Surfacing Installers

As part of the Rubaroc Family, our RubarocPROs have undergone extensive training and have demonstrated the capacity to take on both residential and commercial installations.

We are very specific about who will receive the opportunity to become part of our team and we pride ourselves of handpicking each and everyone of our Installers.

We understand they represent our system and high standards of quality and we are proud of the work they do.

Our network of RubarocPRO Installers are a very important part of our company, the partnership we have with them is key so our product can appropriately reach the end consumer.

So Why Choose a Rubaroc Professional?

We stand by our product. Rubaroc was established in 1983 when Rubaroc® installed the very first pool. That surface still stands strong today, over 30 years later!


Time Tested


Currently, Rubaroc® has Installers situated in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Australia. Barry originally innovated the use of poured-in-place Rubber Safety Surfacing for the swimming pool deck industry but today, through our growing network of company trained Installers, you will find Rubaroc® Rubber Safety Surfaces being used in a wide variety of applications from water parks and playgrounds, schools and childcare facilities, golf clubs and hotels, private and public housing associations and so much more.


Professional USA Installers


Professional Canada Installers